A man and a woman Soundtrack, a mix of chance, circumstances, failures !

The soundtrack of a man and a woman is one of those stories of chance, circumstances, failures... Francis Lai and Claude Lelouch do not meet directly, but through the intermediary of lyricist Pierre Barouh. At the beginning of the sixties, Barouh, also a comedian in his own time, plays in a modest production directed by a young man, crazy about cinema and unusual framing.

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Les Gants Blancs du Diable, Karl Heinz Schäfer’s cult soundtrack

Within the oh so elusive club of the cult soundtrack, there exists one rare record which provokes a deep fascination and evokes a unique charm for those having heard of it, or those lucky enough to have listened to it (but an exclusive few). A veritable Holy Grail, relentlessly pursued by many, each hoping, one day, to own a copy of this unique and unrivalled work.

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